Alexandra Piras

alexandra piras variation

Alexandra Piras Alexandra Piras is a French artist of Italian origins, whose art has its roots in that artistic current called abstract expressionism. At the international art exhibition “Phìlo-Poèm” hosted by the art gallery M.A.D.S. she exhibits “Variation on blue distortions.” An oil work that recalls the style of the master Clyfford Still, in particular […]

Christel Van Hemelrijck

Christel Van Hemelrijck Travellers is a new series about life and travel during a pandemic. The need for connection and interaction with other people is always present. Every painting tells a story about the places Christel Van Hemelrijck travelled to,  about the people she met and especially the ones who left a lasting impression. The […]

Frank Akino

Akino Media Artist

Frank Akino Experimental Sound Design | Solar Panel Sounds De Halve Stad – Half a City Vol: 1 by Mina Kami Akino De Halve Stad – Half a City Vol: 2 by Mina Kami AkinoDe Halve Stad – Half a City Vol: 3 by Mina Kami Akino Soundcloud Nocturnal Emissions Artist on Social Twitter-square Instagram […]

Jan Beekman

global warning painting

Jan Beekman The exhibition, “Painting a Global Warning” is one of the highlights of the commemorative program set up by the South African embassy. While, as a tribute to the founder of the Beekman Foundation, it brings an overview of an extremely diverse oeuvre that spans almost seven decades. Because the portrayal of Nelson Mandela Liberated cannot […]