Alexandra Piras

Alexandra Piras is a French artist of Italian origins, whose art has its roots in that artistic current called abstract expressionism. At the international art exhibition “Phìlo-Poèm” hosted by the art gallery M.A.D.S. she exhibits “Variation on blue distortions.” An oil work that recalls the style of the master Clyfford Still, in particular in relation to the work “1953” in which blue, just like in the work of Piras, is the central color. The true master of blue, however, was Yves Klein, another cornerstone of abstract expressionism, to which the work “Variation on blue distortions” can be deeply connected.Piras’ intention is to dig deep into the canvas, representing lines and shapes that provide a strong impact dynamism. The stroke is impulsive, disconnected from any prior decided intention, the ability to represent with such spontaneity and freedom allows the artist to come into intimate contact with the contemplators who feel overwhelmed by the calm and immensity of blue, but at the same time, the blacks strokes bring them back to reality, leading them, in this way, to dance with the canvas, in a waltz of intimate emotions and reflections, unleashed by the artist. “The keys form distortions. They represent a poetry, a passage, a reflection.” The artist said. The lines appear to be suspended in the painting, disconnected from any background, unique and free, they represent the poetic element of the work, thus reaching the artist’s goal.

Art Curator Martina Viesti

My art is purely self-taught, an unlimited transformation of emotion into matter. Characterized by a research into my deepest emotions. It starts as an experimentation, abstract with suggestive figurative touches. A representation of space by sensation, emotion and vibrations.

In each work I’m looking for something lively and instinctive, natural, current and chaotic. Bring a structure into this disorder as a natural assembly of the elements. Colors and textures become clearer, the spatula allows me to accentuate the touches and leave a strong and definitive imprint on the whole.

“Nous sommes envahis d’émotions, elles sont perceptibles, les œuvres d’art en sont l’empreinte”.

Alexandra Piras

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